It’s a pretty well-known fact that, unless you’re well-connected and are able to deploy millions of dollars of capital at a time, the chances of you being able to invest in exciting and dynamic early-stage startups are slim to none. The current process just isn’t open to investors looking to spread out their investments in smaller amounts across a number of companies.

But our new partnership with AngelList aims to change the process for early-stage startup investment by bringing forth the concept of micro venture investing. For the first time ever, accredited investors will be able to invest small amounts of capital in tech startups that will be dual-listed on SecondMarket and AngelList.

This partnership is helping startups as well. Last week, Transcriptic announced that it was able to raise a $1.2m seed round as one of the first participants in this partnership. As Transcriptic founder Max Hodak put it, SecondMarket and AngelList “are clearly where the money is.”

By using technology and working with AngelList, we are making angel and venture investing a more democratized process. The way we see it, this is only the beginning.

Want to learn more about it? Check out what our founder and CEO Barry Silbert had to say about this exciting new partnership.

SecondMarket + AngelList: Q&A with SecondMarket Founder and CEO Barry Silbert from SecondMarket on Vimeo.

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